Wednesday August 21 , 2019


Aegean seagulls in Siros island


  "What's past is prologue"...

if we take a look back to our personal history as youngsters , we shall trot out an incident of aggressive behavior, that we either have attended or have taken part. Back to present day, while looking up to our children we recognize for sure similar situations that seem to have become alarmingly common.

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Hellenic Coast Guard




"The sea that divides us and unites us"


In a different solidarity movement proceeded this time our team.

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Aegean seagulls in Christodoulio foundation 20-06-2011


Greetings to all the world’s seagulls..

And I say all the world’s because there are those we can see, like us, those who will not be seen, those we have not yet seen and those who still have not seen their own wings…

So, the seagulls we know visited again the Christodouleio foundation. We had missed their sweet faces with their many questions, their teasing and of course their big hugs..

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Children's Village SOS, Vari

On Sunday 29th of May 2011 we had the pleasure of visiting the Children's SOS Village in Vari during an event organized by Aegean Airlines, in order to offer fun and entertainment to the children, its employees and their families.


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Aegean seagulls in Christodoulio foundation

The team of “Aegean Seagulls” visited the Christodoulio Foundation on Saturday 18th of December and together with actor Stavros Nikolaides handed out presents to the children. They offered and received love. We would like to share with you some of the feelings that they took with them having participated in this mission of love.

The future, hope, optimism and love are concepts under scrutiny now our days, however there is a place where you can find them all gathered together: The Christodoulio Foundation in Haidari, Athens.



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