Wednesday August 21 , 2019

Aegean seagulls in Christodoulio foundation 20-06-2011


Greetings to all the world’s seagulls..

And I say all the world’s because there are those we can see, like us, those who will not be seen, those we have not yet seen and those who still have not seen their own wings…

So, the seagulls we know visited again the Christodouleio foundation. We had missed their sweet faces with their many questions, their teasing and of course their big hugs..

The Aegean seagulls have bonded well with this beckon of Love and every time they find an excuse they pay a visit. We had collected presents for the children and we were looking for someone famous to hand them out.

We chose for this purpose the most cheerful television personality and probably the most sensitive also, as was proven later through his contact with the children.

Savvas Poubouras, the witty and handsome presenter of the successful show “You are joking”, accepted our invitation over the telephone. Simple … no agents, no secretaries of any sort .. Nothing in between us... The appointment was set for 19:00 and right on time, with offerings in hand, he was there waiting for us …

We greeted each other, introduced ourselves and entered … the little girls full of enthusiasm talked to him incessantly asking him all about the show (they hadn’t missed an episode!)

The evening was truly exceptional … Gogo (a friend and journalist on Alter channel) together with Savvas handed out the presents. Stavros Nicolaides (who honored us with his presence at Christmas) has since become a seagull and was there too … (great love for the duck, we will look into this). Lefteris with his optimism and kindness talked to Alexandros and the older girls of the foundation while Pavlos, the soul of the seagulls, captured every moment on his camera and I watched the children making sure they all got something … absolute chaos in other words.

From the photos you can see the highlights … Savvas being shown around the rooms and being introduced to the duck.

We sincerely thank the Christodouleio foundation, once again, for their hospitality. Every time we visit them we want to offer our love and every time we leave having received even more.



For the “Aegean Seagulls”

Lia Lappa