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Medicines Du Monde

“Medicines Du Monde” is an independent Non-Governmental Organization, whose members voluntarily provide help to fellow men who don’t have access to medical care. Both in Greece and abroad they treat refugees, victims of war but also victims of natural disasters, drug addicts, children living on the streets, expatriates and members of other sensitive social groups.



Recognizing the importance of their work, Aegean Seagulls collected a considerable amount of various medicines, sponsored by Aegean Airlines and on Thursday, 29 September 2011 visited the Organization’s guest house, situated in the centre of Athens.

In this warm and hospitable setting, members of the Medicines Du Monde treat patients, mainly women and children and also help them reintegrate smoothly into society. This is achieved through teaching and education in parallel to treatment and psychological support. The longest period of stay in the guesthouse is a year and when one leaves the Organization assists them in finding work.

We, the Aegean Seagulls, talked with the people who offer their services at the guest house and we realized how important their work is. We are happy we contributed for the first time to their work and set a basis for continuous collaboration with the Medicines Du Monde. Our aim is to support their work and help them meet as many of their needs as possible.




Within the framework of our on going cooperation with the Medicines Du Monde, the Aegean Seagulls collected and delivered again on 30/12/2011 a large amount of pharmaceutical products. We thank   "Αegean airlines" for their generous donation and continued support. We wish the Medicines Du Monde a Happy New Year and hope 2012 brings them health and strength to keep offering voluntarily their medical care to those who need it.


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