Wednesday August 21 , 2019

Aegean seagulls in Kalamos

The school of Kalamos, with its 7 children in primary and another 7 in nursery school, was the next stop for the Aegean Seagulls. We filled a large box with school supplies and toys and loaded it together with the other boxes on to the RIB. Saturday afternoon two RIBs with the 9 members of the Aegean Seagulls team and the boxes with all the presents sailed into the beautiful harbor of Kalamos.

Kalamos harbor is the larger than the one of Kastou and totally safe as it is protected from the South by the mainland of Kastos stretching in front of it like a shield. Here it was busier and news of our arrival spread fast.

Aegean Seagulls - Location Kalamos

The doctor, the deputy mayor and the commissioner came and sat down to have breakfast with us (courtesy of the community). They spoke of their lives, we explained who we were and what we do and there and then on the dock we opened the box with the presents for the children. The deputy mayor disappeared on his motorbike and when he returned he offered us wonderful calendars with drawings of old sail ships. We thank him very much for these beautiful souvenirs that we will keep even after the year 2010 has passed.

Late in the afternoon we set out for Mytika as referred to by the locals or Kyllini for others and then on the road to Athens. Our friends from Zakinthos had the luck to continue their journey by sea.

Although the journey wasn't a long one to Kastos and Kalamos, it was rewarding. Full of joy and wonderful feelings that stem from offering to fellow-men and linger inside for a long time after, encouraging one to continue. Indeed, the Aegean Seagulls, a team where everyone knows each other's first name, is prepared to offer more more. You will find us out there.

For the team "Aegean Seagulls"

Babis Konstantatos


Aegean Seagulls - Location Kalamos



Aegean Seagulls - Location Kalamos



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