Wednesday August 21 , 2019

Aegean Seagulls in Kithnos Island 2018


The Theory of Ambition

 "Arrogance is corrected by society and vanity is corrected by loneliness."
                                                                                                                                                                                       (Hérault De Séchelles)

         Under the wings of AEGEAN AIRLINES        

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     Let us imagine a small place that combines loneliness and society in a unique environment .

Such an island is Thermia. A society built into a drop of loneliness, surrounded by color and movement. The Greek sea has drawn a magical scenery. Aegean Seagulls already set a new course to that colorful drop.

    "Elaphebolion" arrived and on the day of Aphrodite, the second day of the month before the first great full moon of spring, the team was ready for departure. Following the usual sea route, the Seagulls arrived to Merihas. Our good friends Stamatis Garderis and Giorgos Iliou welcomed our team. They helped our team to make the necessary arrangements for the efficient offering of pediatric care to the children of the island by our team of pediatrics.


   The "Headquarters" known and tested, the Multipurpose Regional Clinic of Kithnos, in hospitable Driopida.
   The laughs and voices of the children who came along with their parents synthesized a unique concert that matched the beginning of spring. Our clinics run smoothly. An informative action - intervention for adolescents took place in the afternoon of Saturn's day. The full moon is at its peak, our heart full, our minds and souls were already flying to our next destination.



   On the day of the Sun, the fourth day of "Elaphebolion", the Seagulls, following our familiar route, returned to base with hearts full of emotions, with a renewed sense of measure, ready to guide us to our next mission.  

   All accounted for:
• Pavlos Vlachos, mission leader
• Alexandros Anastasopoulos, treasurer
• Anastasios - Theodisis Georgilas, cadreologist
• Ioannis Papandreou, pediatrician in adolescent medicine
• Iordanis Pelagiadis, pediatrician, hematology/oncology
• Katerina Griniouk, pediatrician
• Maro Garatziotis, pediatrician
• Antonia Moumouletsa, pediatrician
• Athena Moutafi, pediatrician, neonatologist

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To this point, we would like to thank for their warm reception, hospitality and unwavering support for the completion of our action:

• Mr. Stamatis Garderis, Mayor of Kithnos,
• Mr. George Iliou, Deputy Mayor of Kithnos,
• Mrs. Georgia Satka, nurse
• Ms. Alexandra Patsiura, nurse,
• Margaritis Litas, ambulance driver

   The mission was accomplished thanks to the unwavering support AEGEAN AIRLINES of our Great Sponsor, who with great social sensitivity always supports the children

  We would also like to express our gratitude to Tzaneio Hospital of Piraeus for the full support and further treatment of our refferals.

  We thank the company LALIZAS that constantly attends to our needs in the marine equipment


"Aegean Seagulls" Team