Wednesday August 21 , 2019

Aegean Seagulls in Kithnos Island


... to open the box of our soul»

With  the wings of Aegean Airlines



Encoding our feelings is always a unique challenge. If someone recalls the myth of Dryopi, realizes, why the island of Kithnos appeals so much to the mind and the emotion.

Just like the Gods, when they set eyes for the first time upon the son of Dryopi, got excited and named him Pan, everyone that acquaints Kιthnos and its inhabitants, feels deep in his soul an ancient sacramental emotion.
   But Thermia is not only the muses' dance, it is also hiding difficult aspects. An island so close to Athens has special needs, that are created by the same elements that make it so magical, by the everyday needs of those living among the muses, beyond the sky and the sea.
The feeling of need and the "sincere" invitation of Stamatis and Giorgos, who always worry for their island and their people, became our fair wind that guided us to them.

Friday, 8 of April 2016, peaceful morning, our medical team ready, including old and new members, sharing the vision of offering to the kids of the islands, is about to sail from Marathon.
The ribs' engines interrupt the morning's silence.
The voyage to the island of the white lilies of the sand has begun.


   The time, thanks to our skillful skippers, runs like the water surrounding us.
Arrival at Merikas, all goes smoothly. The team disembarks, and our equipement is transfer to the Regional Medical Center of Dryopi.
Everyone is standing by our side from the first moment.
In a while, the Clinics start and get crowded, the white lilies left the sand and came to fill us with light.


   The pediatrician is obviously the most privileged among other doctors.

   The coordination of the medical clinics is exemplary, the people warm towards us and the time passes perfectly. All the children were examined. Even they have needs and problems to take care of. 


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       The team responded ideally. The days passed away ideally.


Sunday 10 of April 2016
We are ready to say goodbye to our friends. We take a last look at the little church of Agioi Akindinoi at the port.Akindinos, Pigasios, Afthonios, Elpidoforos, Anempodistos, names that describe what we have experienced. We have just opened the box of our soul.

Departure, and in our minds the first assessment is created. All the kids that came to the clinics or needed intervention were examined and treated.

Cardiological examinations were made, spirometries, health education, and parent training.
Adolescents were examined and the necessary interventions and counseling took place where it was needed.
A "Life line" was established with Tzaneio Hospital of Piraeus where necessary.
Special education for parents of children and adolescents and teachers was organised.

We are already on our way. The moments fly fast... we are getting back to Marathon.

Mission accomplished all accounted for.

Grabbed Frame 40

Team Coordinator
Pavlos Vlachos
Alexandros Anastasopoulos

Vaggelis Karampetsos
Giorgos Sagonas
Medical Team
Tasos Theodosis Georgilas
Anastasia Kaiafa
Maria Matiatou
Katerina Gkriniouk
Iordanis Pelagiadis
Maro Garatzioti
Evelina Papatheodorou
Eleni Kotsifa
Ioannis Papandreou


At this point we would like to express our gratitude to the Mayor of Kithnos, Mr. Stamatis Garderis, the Vice Mayor Mr. Georgios Iliou, and their colleagues for their tireless efforts helping our team in the organization and successful completion of our mission. Also, we would like to thank the Director of the Regional Medical Center of Dryopi Mr. Spyros Efstathiou for his cooperation, Mrs Georgia Satka nurse, and her assistants Mrs Anna Gonidaki and Mrs Panoraia Magoula, for their continuous and effective help in organizing the action but also for their kind approach and care of the children.

We would also like to thank our experienced skippers Mr. Vaggelis Karampetsos, and Mr. Giorgos Sagonas, for the safe transportation of our team.

Our dear friends you will all have a special place in our hearts.

The box of our soul is now open...

Au revoir...

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   The mission was accomplished thanks to the unwavering support of AEGEAN AIRLINES, our Great Sponsor and an Institution with Social Responsibility always standing by the side of the children.
   We thank the company LALIZAS that offered the marine equipment of our team to be able to travel safely and comfortably .
   We thank the manufacturer of inflatable boats Marvel providing vessels to our team, so that we can travel where requested directly and safely



"Aegean Seagulls" Team