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Aegean Seagulls in Siros Island 2014



Siros Island   25/01/2014


Σύρος 2014

Seems like yesterday when hugs of the children of the House Juvenile of Syros had opened for us...But it has passed two years now and the images and feelings are there. So we came back honoring our promise.

For the effective and the significant contribution of the House Juvenile of Syros , we have been reported extensively in our previous article.
This time the mission had two parts. The first was to meet again and discuss with the leaders of the House for the new needs , that have arisen and see how we can help. The second was to provide an opportunity to friends , who share our desire to offer to travel with the team and feel the " sweetness" , the " completeness " that we feel in solidarity trips . Through the joy , the laughter and the sight of children , the multiplier effect was larger than expected and the images are irrefutable witness

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The background of this mission begins with the departure of our team on 25.01.2014 from the port of Piraeus at 7:30' by the ferry. After a four-hour journey, the "lady", the beautiful Syros, welcomed us.
The weather forecast didn't come true and that gave us the opportunity to enjoy our trip . We arrived in Syros at 11.30'. It required no more than 10 minutes walk from the port to get to " Stegi ". There , the director, Mrs Fosteri, waited us along with volunteers and children . They welcomed us very cordially. With a quick glance we found some familiar faces from the past and some new ones, that looked at us enigmatically . The smile did not take long to come to all the children . After some time of adjustment, we had the opportunity to talk with them and learn from the older news. The purpose of our visit was to carry two pallets of useful goods that they had requested and which were gathered from friends and companies , included food , relief items , clothing , footwear and toys . As you can understand, the suspense for the games was so great that constantly they were asking us where are they! A delay from the transport office regarding the delivery of goods was enough for them to feel a bit sad. Luckily all went well and the truck after some phone calls, finally arrived. Needless to describe what happened when they saw the boxes ! It is one of those unique moments that you enjoy watching their eyes shining with joy .


Everyone helped to move the boxes in ''Stegi''. There took place the counting and first opened...what else? The toys. The young participants of our group had the chance to divide and get the biggest piece of joy.


The sequel of the text is reflected better through the beautiful pictures that we took with them.
A big thank you from our heart to all of you who participate in our actions and support our work.

TEP Children Tzanio Hospital

The companies:

Hair Lab

And our friends:

Eve Kritikopoulos
George Kampourakis
Nicholas Koukakis
Manolis Vasilakis
Stelios Vasilakis 7 years old
Joanna Tsapara 12 years old
Emmie Borsi 16 years old
George Sfika 8 years old
Jason Sfika 6 years old
Nephele Lazaridou 5 years old


Team "Aegean Seagulls"